About Us


Mission Jade was formed in 2018 by Bonnie Marino to help the under-served population of male child trafficking victims. By using holistic approaches and survivor-centered empowerment, we strive to abolish child slavery by providing specialized services for mind, body, and soul.  


Our mission is to prevent child labor trafficking in Guatemala by addressing barriers to education, providing opportunities to children engaged in hazardous work, and facilitating prevention education to primary schools and indigenous communities.


Every child deserves a chance at Joy, Abundance, Development, and Education. We envision a world where all children get that chance.

How do we create change?

We are providing programs that prevent the labor trafficking of 100 Mayan children in Guatemala. We will continue to identify at-risk and victimized youth through ongoing community assessments in Chimaltenango and Zone 3. Funds will be used to protect and serve the people and their land that the traffickers target to exploit. By providing education, safe work opportunities, vocational training, and basic needs, we will be addressing the root causes of labor trafficking.

Currently we initiate social programs to address child labor in agriculture and domestic work. We strive to ensure that social programs are implemented, well funded, able to carry out their objectives, reach indigenous populations, and report on yearly activities. In the upcoming years, our work will remove barriers to education for all children, including boys and indigenous children, and children living in rural areas. Through your support, we can prevent the labor trafficking of children.

Food Box

Operation Abundance

Traffickers exploit thousands of Guatemalan children by forced labor within the country, often in agriculture or domestic service. Indigenous Guatemalans, especially children, are particularly vulnerable to being exploited through forced labor.

Our solution?  We are providing monthly 15lb food boxes to at-risk indigenous children in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. For only $35 a month, you can help a child continue education and provide food for the family without resorting to child labor.

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Our Core Values

Future Generations

The empowerment and education of trafficked survivors will only ensure a sustainable progressive future for their individual communities.

Environmental Awareness

At Mission J.A.D.E., we understand that being stewards of our environment will ensure a healthy world to sustain life.

Making a Difference

We believe transitioning survivors of exploitation into being positive contributors of society can only create a significant impact in our world.