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Bonnie Tchorni


Bonnie Tchorni founded Mission Jade in 2018. Through childhood, Bonnie suffered as a victim of child exploitation and learned by experience the pain and hopelessness countless youth face on a daily basis. She knows from personal experience that many children are denied human rights due to many unfortunate reasons. When she learned of the highly underserviced amount of exploited boys in labor trafficked situations, she knew she wanted to help. Bonnie is very grateful for her current life and began this great mission to help restore freedom to boys and young men all over the world by building her first foundation in Guatemala.

Bonnie has chosen a holistic approach that focuses on personal endeavors for justice to proactively improve life for these young people. Bonnie believes that it is of utmost importance to have compliance and specialized skills between governmental and non-governmental entities and relationships. “It is the duty of society to protect all of its members,” she quotes.

Bonnie is a proud mom and also a very talented musician and composer that has recently released an album. She also operates a small business in the food industry (Bonnie & Clyde Hummus), where she makes natural and healthy hummus products alongside her husband.


Katie Bullard

Clinical Consultant

Katie Bullard is a clinical social worker and human rights advocate with a passion for international social work and building effective programs that fight exploitation. While pursuing her MSW degree from Barry University in 2017, she served as a research assistant for a phenomenological study on the lived experience of male survivors of human sex trafficking.  Though sex trafficking of females was very familiar to her, this was the first time that she learned of the vastly underreported male victims. She has been advocating for this population ever since.  Her background also includes working with female teen survivors of human trafficking, facilitating group therapy to survivors of domestic violence, providing trauma-informed services, and helping build trauma-informed protocols for anti-trafficking organizations. In her role as Imhotep’s clinical consultant, Katie provides trauma-informed program development and strategic planning advice aimed at ending the trafficking of children at our sites in Guatemala.  Katie is also a 2018 graduate of The Human Trafficking Academy at St. Thomas University School of Law.

 “Leave your pain here and go out and do your magnificent things” - Judge Rosemarie Aquilina


Mayet Banos

Board Member

Mayet Banos is a Communications Specialist and passionate advocate of Education and Human Rights. By day, she helps professionals and organizations stay true to their missions. A designer by nature, she is grateful to assist the Mission J.A.D.E team in creating a world where all children have the tools they need to thrive.


Sergio Espana

Operation Abundance Leader in Guatemala

Sergio is the Leader of Operation Abundance through Mission Jade, allowing us to donate monthly food boxes, community assessments, and build a relationship with the community in Chimaltenango. Sergio is the National Coordinator of Simply Mobilize Guatemala since 2018, together with the team of Facilitators, they have the mission of mobilizing the entire body of Christ towards the great commission.

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Rachel Labi

Research Volunteer

Rachel Labi is a college freshman and her passion for the eradication of labor trafficking has inspired her to study management to later become an executive in an organization dedicated to anti-trafficking. She has written in The Policy Circle and the Indianapolis Recorder, and she has spoken about youth initiative at the New America Inside Out Event. In October 2020, Rachel joined 15 other YES Fellows as a presenter at a Youth Policy Summit co-hosted by VOICES and the Commission on Improving the Status of Children in Indiana.


Gofaone Modise

Editorial Volunteer

Gofaone Modise is a Botswana-bred individual, passionate about human trafficking awareness and the abolishment of modern slavery.
She is a certified social media manager and marketer and business owner of Inbound Media. Further, she uses digital marketing to help build, sustain and grow brands and businesses.


Evelin Juarez Lopez

Translation Intern Lead

My name is Evelin Juarez Lopez, I am a translator who is passionate about 

helping others. My love for language is what drives me everyday to help those 

who don't have the resources in their languages. I have volunteered for many 

non profits organizations with the purpose to help children. I enjoy using my 

skills as a translator to help break the language barrier we have in our world.

Bonnie Tchorni


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