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Bonnie’s Testimony on Life without Limits Show. Hosted by Thomas Russel

Commentary on this strikingly honest conversation

“ A really rugged interview...lots and lots of layers of the onion to peel back. The real issue she faced was a lack of parenting for her in all aspects. The description of living in a big house in "isolation" was very revealing. The realization regarding the lack of parenting by her so called parents was criminal! It's crazy how she has been such a magnet for bad would be interesting to explore that topic. I like how she discussed triggers, tools and coping. No substances...she uses exercise...YEAH an outlet! "I was not strong...I buried myself in unhealthy coping skills." You asked about the legal obligation of disclosure. She Then she hit the nail on the head of where her problems came from...she couldn't talk with her parents...OUCH! As a school teacher, in this state, I always reported situations that endangered children. We are obligated. Her recollection of the dump was absolutely gut-wrenching! It will be impossible to "un-see" that one! It's sensational that she is not allowing herself to fall into the "crap trap" of being a victim. She has accomplished this, as you pointed out, by directing her efforts to help others. Keep up the great work! “

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