Who We Are

Formerly known as Imhotep, LLC, Mission Jade fights against the labor trafficking of boys in Guatemala by removing barriers to education, providing programs to children in hazardous work sites, and prevention education for indigenous communities.

Every child deserves a chance at Joy, Abundance, Development, and Education.

We work to give them that chance.


Sponsorship Opportunities for Direct Impact

  • Food Box (15 pounds)

    Every month
  • Best Value

    Private School Fee

    Every month
    Sponsor Education for one at-risk youth in Guatemala
  • Support a Family

    Every month
    Prevent exploitation by providing basic needs to a family

Why Guatemala?

As reported over the past five years by TVPA, traffickers exploit Guatemalan men, women, and children in forced labor within the country, often in agriculture or domestic service, and in the garment industry and domestic service in Mexico, the United States, and other countries.

Experts identified the coffee, broccoli, sugar, stone quarry, and fireworks manufacturing sectors as at risk for the potential use of child forced labor.

Forced labor in domestic service in Guatemala sometimes occurs through forced marriages. Traffickers particularly target indigenous Guatemalans, including children, for forced labor, including in tortilla-making shops in Guatemala and foreign countries. Traffickers exploit Guatemalan children in forced begging, street vending, and as street performers, particularly within Guatemala City and along the border with Mexico. Child victims’ families are often complicit in their exploitation. 

We work in rural areas with indigenous tribes who are being targeted by traffickers. As there is no middle school or high school for this community, most children only complete 5 years of education then begin working. Because this is a vulnerable population, traffickers and coyotes sell the land to the government and force indigenous peoples to leave their jobs and homes.

We are currently providing basic needs and food to 100 children that are at risk of labor trafficking,