We Educate & Empower Guatemala's most Vulnerable Children

Formerly known as Imhotep, Mission Jade fights against the labor trafficking of boys in Guatemala by removing barriers to education, providing programs to children in hazardous work sites, and prevention education for indigenous communities.

Every child deserves a chance at Joy, Abundance, Development, and Education.

We work to give them that chance.


Our Current Programs

Operation Abundance:
Monthly Food Box Distributions 

We provide monthly food boxes to at-risk indigenous youth to sustain the child and their family for a full month. A 15pound Food Box reduces the need for child labor and provides the family food security. If the child is pursuing education, they are now free to study instead of needing to work to provide food for their family. 


Your generosity gives children a J.A.D.E. life

Turn Poverty Into Prosperity

  • Prevention Education

    Every month
    Provide Human Trafficking Prevention for 1 child each month
    • This 3 week program includes 2 meals a day per child
    • Parents & family can join the class for free
  • Best Value

    Food Box for a Child

    Every month
    Enable & Encourage Education by Reducing Child Labor
    • 20lbs of food a month to sustain a child and their family
  • TradeSkill Educators

    Every month
    Empower and Educate children through Tradeskills
    • Help children become skilled for high paying jobs
    • Increase child education while reducing labor vulnerability
  • Contribute to All

    Every month
    Delegate to children's needs as we grow & develop
    • Food Box Program suplimentation
    • Prevention Education for extra students
    • TradeSkill sharing for siblings


100% lasting impact

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